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At TPA we believe children can benefit greatly from the complementary learning that they do at home; it is an important part of the learning partnership between pupils, teachers and parents. One of the aims of our teaching is for children to develop as independent learners, and we believe that taking part in Homework enables our pupils to further develop their independence and organisational skills.


The Homework we set is designed to reinforce or extend the learning taking place at school. This work should be both stimulating and challenging. 


We acknowledge the important role of play and free time in a child's growth and development. Whilst we value Homework, it is important that it should not prevent children from taking part in a wide variety of extended schools opportunities both at and beyond school.


All children are sent home with a reading book and reading record. Please read with them daily, discuss the story and ask them questions about the book. Please ensure you fill in and send your child’s reading book in daily. On Fridays children choose a book from the library to take home and share. 


As well as reading, children are given weekly spellings. Pupils are given a variety of ways to practise their spellings by their class teachers.


Children are also given a variety of tasks to chose from that they can work through at their own pace. Homework tasks are handed in weekly to class teachers and where appropriate put on display. 



The aims of Homework are:

  • to help pupils develop the skills of an independent and curious learner
  • to share learning with parents and to empower
  • to consolidate skills and understanding and extend school learning
  • to promote cooperation between home and school in supporting each child's learning


Parent Partnership


We recognise the valuable role that parents have in Homework. They can support, encourage, model tasks and provide information for the class teacher. We ask parents to encourage their child to complete the homework tasks that are set. We invite them to help their children as and when they feel it to be necessary and to provide them with the sort of environment that allows children to do their best.

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