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History is the story of the people on our planet.  It is the human story.  The story of everything that people have ever done since recognisable humans first evolved between 150 000 and 200 000 years ago.  It is the story of changing human cultures, politics, lifestyles, beliefs and creativity. 

History is much more than a record of events. History is the process of enquiry, the search for evidence and the examination of this evidence by sorting, evaluating and weighing it.  

Historians use this evidence to imaginatively reconstruct the past - but this is nearly always incomplete. So Historians use their skills to fill in the gaps and imagine and infer how it might have been. 



Children at  Twickenham Primary Academy will learn about the past in order to understand the present. History is much more than a record of events; it is the examination of the past which demands critical use of evidence. History is the process of enquiry. Children at TPA will learn how to enquire and analyse evidence to fill in the gaps and imagine and infer how events/significant people in history might have been. 



Our curriculum at TPA allows our pupils to ask and answer questions, developing connections between past events and significant people, within their community and beyond. A typical lesson will include an understanding of chronology of the event/significant person being taught. Children will be taught relevant facts based on the intended outcome of the task or topic. 

Lessons include and develop enquiry skills, allowing all pupils experience an exciting and relevant history curriculum which nurtures their curiosity about the past and their own place in the world. Questioning is highly important and encouraged; children’s questions will be answered either within the planned learning or through research completed with the children to find answers together collaboratively. 

From their learning, children will have a deepened knowledge and understanding of chronology and their awareness of how our lives have been shaped by the past and how events from the past inform the future. 



As a result of children engaging in enquiry based learning and and children partaking in meaningful learning experiences, such as trips, all learners ask meaningful questions and gain a better understanding of our world and history.

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