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 Physical Education is an extremely important part of the curriculum at Twickenham Primary Academy. Every child has access to at least 2 hours of PE a week taught by our own school staff; including our specialist PE teacher. Our aim is to inspire all of our children to live a healthy and more active lifestyle; this is achieved by providing them with stepping stones to find a love for physical activity for life.




What to expect

Here at Twickenham Primary Academy, we strive to give all of our pupils high quality PE lessons which accommodates all needs and abilities. Our lessons are structured following the high quality PE schemes of work and our TPA PE Curriculum.  

Our inclusive lessons are structured in a way to give our children the maximum opportunity to progress, these are broken up into four main parts:

Part one - Warm up (which is linked to the lessons objective)

Part two - Introduction of new skill

Part three - Development of skill

Part four - Opportunity to apply the skill within a game situation 


Over the year, the pupils are given the chance to progress within a wide range of different sports, which is incorporated through tailored opportunities in both the curriculum and extra-curricular time. To continue to develop our PE, we have our PE specialist teacher regularly observe our staff; this is to ensure that our PE curriculum is consistent, giving our pupils the chance to experience the high quality PE that they are entitled to.

We ensure that physical activity is also accessible outside of PE lessons. For example, pupils are provided with the opportunity to use our sports equipment at break and lunchtimes, this allows the pupils to practise their skills further. We also take each child swimming during KS2 to ensure that they learn to swim or develop their swimming skills.

In addition to this, we also take our sports teams to compete in the local school events to allow them to experience competition at a higher and more competitive level. We work closely with our local sports teams – Harlequins Rugby and Knights Basketball to ensure that all children work with sports professionals during their time at TPA. Harlequins also support the mental health of our KS2 pupils, working with Y6 at the start of the Year to develop resilience and understand their mental health needs.



Providing our pupils with high quality PE is something we pride ourselves with here at TPA. As a result, we have seen a positive impact upon our pupils physical and mental health, with the majority achieving age-related expectations. Furthermore, with increasing opportunities and consistent lesson structure, it has increased the percentage of pupils working above the expected level. 

Through healthy competition both internally and externally through links with the community, we have seen our pupils not just increase their skills but also learn the value of good sportsmanship - something we think is very important here at TPA.

Ambitious For All