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Primary Academy

Class organisation

Establishing a school with a growing local community identity



Number of classes, class sizes and class names


Reception (Early Years)2 classes30 pupils in each


Turner & Hepworth

Key Stage 1 (KS1)   
Year 12 classes30 pupils in each

Children’s writers

Potter & Dahl

Year 22 classes30 pupils in each


Darwin & Hawking

Key Stage 2 (KS2)   
Year 32 classes30 pupils in each


Glennie & Elgar

Year 42 classes30 pupils in each


Austen & Dickens

Year 5 2 classes30 pupils in each


Nightingale & Moore

Year 6 2 classes30 pupils in each


Farah & Brown 


Vertical Grouping 


Pupils are placed in a House when they join the school and stay in that House until they leave. Siblings are not necessarily allocated to the same House. There are 4 Houses named after inspirational people:


House Colour


Pupils take part in a range of Inter-House competitions eg poetry, photography, netball and they can earn House Points for progress, achievement, individual thought and exemplary behaviour.


Each term the weekly timetable is suspended for an afternoon to enable all pupils to take part in a themed House Day eg healthy living, exploring different cultures and art. House T shirts are worn for House Days and key competitions.


A member of staff is responsible for coordinating each house.


Pupils in Year 5 and 6 will become Head of House and Deputy Head of House via a pupil election process. This will involve the preparation of a campaign speech.



Ambitious For All