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We celebrated science week in TPA! Year 5 were special guests at Twickenham School and learnt about reversible and irreversible changes. What an amazing morning.



Science is a very important feature of our curriculum and is taught weekly across the school. Our science curriculum helps to inspire and encourage our children's love for the subject. Our science topics are built upon in each year group as the children progress through the school, enabling key skills and scientific terminology to continue to be at the heart of our science curriculum. We include a variety of diverse scientists to inspire everyone to be a scientist.



Science is often taught in a practical and hands on way. Pupils are taught key scientific skills which they are able to apply within experiments. The following investigative skills form an integral part of every child's education at Twickenham Primary Academy: questioning, research and planning, predicting, observing and measuring, experimenting, analysing, explaining and evaluating.  We also like to enhance our science work by inviting in scientists to further our knowledge.  We have a thriving science club and have recently achieved the PQSM.  Science is taught at least weekly, with some topic areas being science focused each year providing further opportunity to develop scientific skills and knowledge. 



As a result of our high quality science lessons, we have seen that our children's ability to obtain key scientific skills and knowledge has increased due to the children's learning been built upon each year as they progress through the school. Our children have great passion for science and have a good understanding of the topic and the important role that it plays in their education. Children are able to independently perform science experiments and understand and apply key terminology within their science lessons which gives them a solid foundation base of knowledge.


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